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Big data analytics in manufacturing industry

Leveraging Big Data Analytics In Manufacturing To Drive Value

Every sector, including healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing, can benefit from big data. Today, technology has developed into an unstoppable force that can mold any firm, and the manufacturing sector is no exception. Although manufacturing still plays a significant part in the global economy, its importance has changed significantly between developed and developing nations. With […]

Legacy Application Modernization is the practice of upgrading a legacy system with outdated software to work with modern computing approaches.| DWP Global

How To Choose The Best Legacy Application Modernization Provider?

Why does your new PC run on Windows 11 instead of the Windows 95 operating system? The obvious reason is the computer you have now is more effective and sophisticated than the one you had ten years ago. Similarly, your company is not what it was when you started it. So, managing it with outdated technologies and software is like using your new ZenBook with Windows 95.

Kofax Robotic Process Automation for improved efficiency and accuracy

How To Choose A Trusted Kofax Implementation Partner For Your Business Automation?

Every business today looks for automation to perform routine tasks regularly and accurately. Automation saves a lot of time, improves efficiency and accuracy, and helps attract customers who are always on the lookout for easier, smart solutions to perform their routine business tasks. The best way for entrepreneurs who seek growth of their business to […]

Artificial intelligence and RPA implementation through software bots manage complicated, time-consuming tasks. DWP Global

How Robotic Process Automation Brings Efficiency To Business Processes?

Over decades computers have lessened the burden of human tasks by simplifying several processes and bringing efficiency to day-to-day work. A step further to the evolution of technology is RPA, Robotic Process Automation. Even repetitive and mundane computer tasks can be automated using RPA technology. Artificial intelligence and RPA implementation through software bots manage complicated, […]

Survey creation tool features

What Key Features To Look Out For When Selecting a Survey Creation Tool?

Ever wondered what the worst mistake a business owner or a marketer makes? It is relying and depending too much on one’s ideas and opinions. Studies have shown a deeper gap between what consumers want and what marketers think consumers want. So, how to get a true read or feedback for your product or brand? […]

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