Optimization Of TCI Scorpio Client Through Migration And Support

Migrating from MFC to XAML windows helped reduce the development time for TCI Scorpio Client.

Optimization of TCI Scorpio Client

Client Background

An internationally acclaimed company involved in spectrum management and monitoring, direction finding, geolocation, and communications intelligence.

Problem Statement:

TCI Scorpio Client is a part of the spectrum monitoring system, otherwise called Scorpio. The development took longer with MFC windows, causing hindrance to frequent releases. Time effectiveness while implementing new alterations to the system was another major concern. DWP Global Corp came up with a solution for reducing the development time and improving the efficiency of TCI Scorpio Client.


  • Implementing any new alterations consumed time with the existing code and UI written in MFC windows.
  • Frequent releases of TCI Scorpio Client are precluded as development time is much longer with MFC windows.
  • Retaining the existing business logic with embedded programming while migrating the MFC windows to XAML windows to enable interactions with server-side components.
  • Switching the entire MFC windows to XAML windows to mitigate the time taken for development.


  • Migration of MFC windows to the latest XAML windows. 
  • Reutilization of the business logic that is written in VB6.0.
  • Retention of business logic that has embedded programming in it.
  • Migration of approximately 90+ screens with the latest UI.
  • Addition of UX capabilities to the TCI Scorpio Client.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Efficiency: New enhancements could now be easily implemented with the new XAML windows.
  • Safe server-side interaction: Minimal changes were made as a part of the server-side coding, so the interactions with the server-side remain the same.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Scorpio is the most profitable and essential software. Its upgradation gained trust among the clients. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: The latest UI and UX capabilities of the TCI Scorpio client generated interest in many clients, thereby promoting the product further. 
  • Time Optimization: Development is accelerated with the migration, ensuring frequent releases.
Migration from MFC to XAML windows
Factors that contributed to the optimization of TCI Scorpio client:
  • Complete migration of MFC windows to XAML windows. Additional UX capabilities to enhance the user experience.
  • Improvement of time effectiveness in the development process.
  • Efficient re-use of the business logic to enable interactions with server-side components.
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