Legacy Modernization: Re-Engineering ASMS With Spectrum Management Features

Stabilized the legacy Spectrum management systems through Re-engineering and furnishing with many spectrum management features.

Legacy modernization

Client Background

A global leader and innovator in the telecommunications industry known for spectrum equipment and automated spectrum management solutions.

Problem Statement:

An automated spectrum management system (ASMS) automates spectrum monitoring and helps integrate spectrum monitoring systems. The existing legacy desktop application for spectrum management was deployed across 20+ countries. The system was unstable and created operational losses. Timely serving in these countries looked like a humongous task. DWP Global Corp, an outsourcing partner, and a legacy system re-engineering expert devised a solution for the client. It made it easier for the client to focus on their spectrum-based hardware innovations.


  • Legacy desktop application for spectrum management was deployed in 20+ countries and was unstable.
  • Establish a low-risk modernization initiative aligned with current customers and future business needs.


DWP Global Corp contributed successfully to stabilizing the existing legacy system. The following steps were taken to stabilize the ASMS legacy system:
  • Spectrum management features:  New spectrum management features were added to stabilize the product. DWP’s strong business and technical expertise helped the client understand and re-engineer the existing applications.
  • Deployment of skilled resources: Skilled resources with domain expertise were deployed with good exposure to legacy technologies to make development and deliverables faster.
  • Stronger capabilities: The system was equipped with stronger capabilities. Planned and implemented a support project environment to establish a low-risk modernization initiative aligned with current customers and future business needs. 

Key Benefits

  • Cost-efficiency: Zero maintenance cost at client locations by replacing the existing desktop applications.
  • Stability: More stable desktop application to make operations associated with it functions flawlessly. 
  • Time management and synchronization: Deployments are done at client locations in sync and according to the client’s schedule.
  • Building trust and scalability: Built a trusted relationship with the customer as an outsourcing partner for building and delivering on-time scalable software solutions.
  • Easy management: Ultimately helped the client focus on hardware-based innovative solutions and DWP to manage & innovate software solutions.
Re-Engineering ASMS with spectrum management features
Factors That Contributed to stabilizing the ASMS legacy system:
  • Addition of new spectrum management features to the existing legacy system.
  • Equipped the legacy ASMS System with stronger capabilities by establishing a low-risk modernization initiative.
  • Deployment of skilled resources with domain expertise with good exposure to legacy technologies.
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