Enhanced Reputation To Maintain And Develop WebCP Applications

 Improvement in TCI reputation to maintain and develop WebCP application to support the legacy upgrades.

Software development

Client Background

The client has a deep experience in spectrum monitoring that provides an unsurpassed foundation for spectrum management technology. Client ASMS-WebCP (Web Hosting Control Panel) solutions streamline and automate key spectrum management tasks, including license administration, engineering analysis, fee calculation, and billing.

Problem Statement:

The Client was looking for an outsourcing partner, an expert in handling the existing software and developing new features for the existing customers. This procedure included maintaining and developing WebCP (Web Hosting Control Panel) applications to support legacy upgrades.


  • Handling and maintaining the existing software, which includes spectrum and non-spectrum license modules.
  • Development of new features like payment gateway integration for existing customers.
  • Development of new search applications for spectrum and non-spectrum licenses.
  • To create a generic license application to develop new types of non-spectrum licenses.


DWP Global Corp is an excellent outsourcing partner, providing a robust solution for the problems faced by the client. DWP provided a solution that added business value to the client. The solution can be listed as follows:
  • Enhanced the existing spectrum and non-spectrum license modules.
  • Developed various payment gateway integration for the payment of invoices.
  • Developed a new search application for Spectrum and Non-Spectrum licenses.
  • Created generic license applications to develop new types of non-spectrum licenses rapidly.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Efficiency: DWP experts replaced the existing desktop applications resulting in zero maintenance costs at the client locations.
  • Time effectiveness: Deployments were done at client locations which were in sync and according to the client’s schedule.
  • Smooth Operation: Smooth day-to-day operations were guaranteed due to end-to-end delivery, deployment, and maintenance support. 
  • Enhanced reputation: The client’s reputation for maintaining and developing WebCP applications to support legacy upgrades improved.
Developing WebCP applications
Factors that contributed to the enhancement of system functionality:
  • Replacement of existing desktop applications ensured the reduction of maintenance costs at the client’s locations.
  • DWP’s team of experts ascertained that the deployments made at the client locations were in sync and according to the client’s schedule.
  • End-to-end delivery, deployment, and maintenance support guaranteed smooth day-to-day operations.
  • New features were developed for spectrum and non-spectrum licenses, enhancing the client’s reputation for maintaining and developing WebCP applications.
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